Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a customized approach to an individual’s needs based on client goals, practitioner assessments, and medical history.

Yogic techniques are applied to enhance health and well being by addressing health issues that are not typically addressed in a group class setting. The most popular tools are postures, breathing, meditation, and relaxation.

Some popular reasons why people attend yoga therapy are: Anxiety, Arthritis, Balance, Chronic Pain, Core Strength, Low Back Pain, Parkinson’s disease, Sciatica, Stress Reduction.

Your First Appointment

Enter through the main entrance of the Tidewater Trader building into the foyer. There the receptionist, Niki, will greet you. You will be given an Intake and Terms of Service forms to fill out in the conference room, which may also be filled out ahead of time (see links below). We will go over your intake form that includes medical history, current goals and reasons for coming. This is followed by assessments. The assessments are for postural imbalances and breath function. Using all of the gathered information we will begin our yoga practice. Typically the first visit is 90-120 minutes. You will leave with notes about your practice, followed by an email with details instructions and pictures.

Download the Intake and Terms of Service forms

Schedule your first appointment. $87


The time and frequency that you spend with me will depend on a few things. First is how much time you wish to dedicate outside of our visits. Some people are excellent at doing their ‘homework’, others prefer to not do it at all and only work in the studio.

Second, your goals… for example, a person with Sciatica may just need a few key stretches, which can be accomplished in one session. Somebody that is coming in to work with the symptoms of Parkinson’s may decided to come in more times as we work thru different complexities.

Third, how do you digest information? For someone wanting core strength the ‘basics’ may take a month to get a handle on, for other’s the technique is able to be put to use in the first five minutes and they are ready to apply it in more ways.

Fourth, budget. Each time you come for a private class you will leave with something in hand to develop a home practice. This practice can be done for a week or a year. A private session can be an hour, or 30 minutes, which can reduce price. River Warrior Yoga offers a number of packages to work with varying budgets.


A credit will never expire here. Once you purchase the time, it is up to you to choose when you wish to use it. A package of 5 hour-long sessions can be turned into 10 half an hour session. I try to be as accommodating as possible.

Intake Session

90-120 minutes $87

Single Sessions

60 minutes  $75

45 minutes $60

30 minutes $40


3-Hour Long Session Pack- $210 (save $15)

5- Hour Long Session Pack- $335 (save $40)


Download the Intake and Terms of Service forms

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