The Space Within

Welcome to my very FIRST BLOG POST!

The Space Within

The idea first came to me in July 2017 while on vacation with my girlfriends from college. I had no idea how stressed out I was until I was laying by the pool. We had it all to ourselves, total peace and quiet. The warm sun on my skin seemed to melt the tension away. Ahhh, my whole body took a sigh of relief. Being with them felt like I had just come home. It was so wonderful to re-connect. As I lay watching the clouds passing by my mind calmed and eventually became still. I slept sooo good that night.

Orlando is hot in July! So we went to the pool early, again, all to ourselves. I took the liberty of walking around our medieval castle. Being there took me even further away from the fast paced life I had been living. Completely captivated I started taking pictures of all the ornate details and truly enjoying myself. 

Back in my cabana it hit me that sometimes you just need space. This vacation provided just that. The space around me opened up a space within me. It was in that moment I realized just how important it was to take the time to just be present, to still the mind, to feel open and free. Feeling a bit like Dorothy, my trip eventually brought me to the home within myself. Oddly enough there was even a tornado that night. 


For more information about the Castle Hotel click here

All photo’s taken by me: Fletcher D. Johnson