Sweet & Savory Summer Snack

Sweet & Savory Summer Snack

Mmmm this snack is oh so satisfying!


Every once in a while I just get a hankering for beets and olives. Usually when this happen’s I make my way to the salad bar; pairing it with a hardboiled egg, chickpea salad, artichoke hearts, and some tuna fish over romaine.

Yesterday I went to Chestertown’s super cute wine and cheese shop. I got a black & Green olive medley, some Etna Salami (Pistachio & Lemon Scented), and the most delicious Farmer’s Cheddar that has crunchy flavor crystals. Soooo good! 

I had a little cheese and olive left over so I cut up a medium size beet and whipped it together with the remainder of the olives and cheese. 


2.5 once of Farmer’s Cheddar

1 Medium Beet (2.8 ounces, not pickled)

10 olives – Black & Green


Diced everything, stir and serve! 


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