Experience the healing benefits of Reiki.

What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works with life force energy to speed up the healing process. It is very relaxing, and great for stress and pain relief. You remain fully clothed and can be covered up, with optional use of an eye pillow. Reiki can be done on people, animals, plants, and more. Some people report a warm, tingling or pulsing sensations, and an overall feeling of wellbeing. It treats physical, mental, and spiritual dilemmas. Reiki is very safe and requires no effort of the part of the client other than laying on the table.


Reiki offerings include:

Private Reiki sessions: Are reserved for 30 or 60 minutes All you have to do is show up.

In Studio & Certifications: Become Certified from Level 1 thru Master in the Usui Holy Fire lineage.

Trainings are on the calendar, but can be reserved for private groups as well.

Level 1

  • Learn History, Basic Hand Positions for Sealing Yourself and Others
  • Learn How to Protect your Energy
  • Class Materials

Level 2

  • Learn Emotional Healing Techniques, How to do Distance Reiki
  • Work with Crystals
  • Class Materials

Level 3 & Master Class

  • Increase Reiki Strength
  • Advanced Healing Techniques
  • How to Teach Others
  • Class Materials

Corporate Trainings: Have Fletcher come on site and teach your employees the art of Reiki. Reduce stress levels, burn out rates, and add an amenity to your business’s offerings. All levels of certification are available.


Mulling over the options and just not sure what’s best? Reach out to Fletcher 410-708-2798 or info@riverwarrioryoga.com.