Practice: Dancing Warrior (Chair)

Practice: Dancing Warrior (Chair)

Virabhadrasana II or Warrior 2 is meant to increase strength and stamina. You will find an opening across the chest and the arms, balanced by a strengthening element in the back and shoulders. As best as possible, keep the muscles of the face and neck soft. When it comes to the legs, the ‘front’ knee is bent directly over the ankle, and the back leg can have a bent knee, straight leg, or some place in between. The thing to remember here is keeping the shoulder, hips, and arms all in the same plane.

Practicing each element of our sequence first, then we will put them ¬†all together in a dance. We start with ‘Reverse Warrior’; So flip the front palm over and raise it up towards the sky while the back hand drop towards the earth, keeping some activity in the fingers. Stay here and breath for a few rounds.

Then we move towards side angle. On an exhale, slide in the other direction, letting the front palm move towards the ground, and back palm moving towards the sky. Keep the chest lifted and heart open. Stay and Breath.

Rest in our starting position adding in a forward fold if you would like.

Now let’s Dance! Come back to Warrior 2, inhale front arm lifts to Reverse Warrior, Exhale to Side Angle. Keep moving. Each time you move, breath. Take a rest, then go to the other side.

When completed take a moment and check in and notice any changes in how you feel.

It is important to listen to your body and it’s needs. Take breaks when you want, do more when you need a challenge.

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