My Favorite Resources


There is so much information out there these days. I wanted to give y’all a taste of my personal favorites and go to resources.

Places that I believe to be credible sources of information.


Sequence Wiz is a the program I use to create my lesson plans. They have the cutest little stick figures. Moreover, the have helpful article and videos.

Yoga International has a wealth of information. I will frequently send clients links to their articles and videos. They have quite a bit for free, and even more for what I think is a fair price.

Eckart Yoga was one of the first online yoga video programs I actually enjoyed doing. Now there is a sea of intructors out there but Ester continues to be amongst my favorites.

Tara Brach has my absolute favorite podcast. She does Insight Meditation and lectures. She is actually from the D.C. area.

The Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists are the two main bodies that uphold the standards for my practice. IAYT has tons of research on there website too.

Ayurveda- The Science of Life

Joyful Belly Is probably my most frequently used resource. Not only does it have great recipes, but quizes that you could do for days. It stays stored in your profile, then makes diet recommendations based on the information you get from your quizzes. Sometimes I will have a craving for something, like avocado for example, so I just look it up and see what it means.

John Douillard’s Life Spa Is a bit heavy on the sales, but has excellent articles, podcasts, videos, and information in general. I try to follow his 3-season eating guide.

Vedic Astrology is a subject I have become increasingly interested. I’m not talking call Miss Cleo psychics. This is real science. When a person is born the planets are in certain places. This creates a birth chart, and other wise depicts your personality. Even more fascinating is how your birth chart fits in with what is happening in the cosmos in current time. If the full moon effects the tide, and we are made mostly of water, why wouldn’t it effect us. Ever heard of Mercury Retrograde?

Planetary Influence is a place I go to see what is happening generally. It gives month by month detailed movement of the planets, how they are affecting us and each other. Jackie from At The Core did my birth chart reading, and I go to her when I need to sift things out. She is helpful with lifestyle suggestions, and my growing as a yogi.

Janet Kane is a personal friend and lives in Chestertown. She does Mythic Astrology, based on Greek Archetypes. Even though her astrology is western, my birth chart with her has striking parallels to the one with Jackie. The information is quite valuable, just presented with different, more familiar language. Her monthly emails are hilarious!

Social Media

It wouldn’t be right of me to share the pages I am commonly on without putting my own social media pages up. My Facebook page is a place for articles, tips and tricks, recipes, memes, occasionally my jewelry, and all things that relate to yoga.

My Instagram is all what I think are pretty pictures, most taken by me, or for me of me lol. The caption is usually related to some type of yogic philosophy. Since yoga means ‘Union’, my Instagram is a place where I can graphically show people how yoga relates to me in my everyday life. Much like this blog.

I LOVE BOOKS! But that will have to be for another time 🙂



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