Mindfulness to Let Go of Old Pain

Mindfulness to Let Go of Old Pain

I had a client that came to me in preparation for major surgery. The Doctor told her to download the PeerWell App. It had different physical therapy excercises to build strength for the specific to the surgery, then meditations to prepare the mind for it’s mental pain before, and physical pain afterwards.

The world is evolving, and I was quite pleased to know about the new pre-surgery prep tool. I loved this meditation so much, I thought I should share.

7 Minutes

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  • Sue Mench

    Fletcher, I just finished listening to Mindfulness to Let go of Old Pain. I must say just listening to your relaxing, calming voice will help in relieving and melting away old or new pain. Even if the relief is short lived it is definitely a meditation that could be repeated as often as needed.

    • River Warrior Yoga

      Awww Sue that is so kind, I am so glad to hear that you found it helpful and easy to repeat

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