Meet Fletcher

Fletcher's Bio

I have felt pain.
I have struggled.
I have overcome.
I am growing.

Fletcher received her first yoga certification in 2005, months after graduating from Flagler College with a degree in Social Science. In 2016 Fletcher completed Master’s Degree of Science specializing in Yoga Therapy. In addition to that, she has taken several thousands of hours of continuing education well beyond the basic requirements, including receiving her Reiki Master Certification in 2014.

Multiple Thousands - The number of hours I have spent receiving a formal Yoga education.
Lifetime - The period of time in which I have both suffered and flourished.


I was a spirited and inquisitive child. My first idea of work was something called ‘Learning Fun’ a place where you could read during the daytime, and have a dance party at night lol.

Middle School, specifically 6th grade were the worst years of my life. The highlight of that era were my ponies Pork Chop & Geronimo. They taught me the meaning discipline and love.

In high school sports consumed my life. I was captain of my field hockey and lacrosse teams. My recreational hobbies were surfing, and being a rebel. Luckily at 16 I fell in love with the tranquility of yoga.

Moving to Florida for College was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It is there where I discovered my authentic self and made lifelong friends.

After college I got very ill, and was only allowed to ride a stationary bike for 5 minutes per day. Dealing with chronic health issues was the start to my finding a more balanced lifestyle.

How I Got into Yoga

My mom and I randomly went to Wendy Morrison’s class at the public library on day. It was a day I will never forget. We were blissed out zombies afterward, and couldn’t even speak in full sentences…

In college, I had no idea what to major in, so I just took classes that I enjoyed. Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology were my favorites. Second semester junior year I added up all my credits and found out I was on track for a Social Science major.

After college I was still waitressing. It was a great profession for me, and I excelled being the people person that I am… but their was a deeper itch that needed to be scratched.

I wanted to help people and not hate my job like so many adults do. So after many sleepless nights of soul searching, and what I like to all my ‘quarter life crisis’ I decided to take my first Yoga Teacher Training. It changed my life forever.

So Where Does Reiki Fit?

In Yoga you hear about ‘energy’ all the time, and frankly I had a hard time grasping the concept…That’s when Reiki found me. I took the level 1 training in hopes to gain greater clarity on the topic.

What happened next was a surprise- people wanted me to perform Reiki on them! Immediately I began having incredibly profound experiences. This lead me to take all the other trainings to eventually become a Master.

I had absolutely no plans of teaching others Reiki. But then a group manifested and I decided to give it a whirl. WOW, what an incredible process. I’m hooked!


My business has transformed in ways that I never imagined. I can honestly say I love what I do. What I have come to realize is that I love creating things, whether it be lesson plans, crafts or intricate meals. Ideas are constantly buzzing around in my mind.

It’s important for me to live a balanced life. This includes an ample amount of down time for my own nourishment. I enjoy reading, being in nature, gardening, cooking and being with my loved ones. My nightly candlelight bath is where I meditate, recharge and reestablish serenity.

Life experiences combined with an obsessive amount of education have brought me here. I have learned that I’m perfect the way I am, but that their’s always room for improvement. This is the perspective I take when I see clients too. Empowering people is my passion.