Jewelry Boutique

Jewelry Boutique

I started making jewelry in High School, my friend Drex’s mom Bev Harrington taught me the basics. She is a silver smith, makes her own beads, and all types of very high end products.

From time to time I pack up all my stuff and go to craft shows. While they are fun, you just never know if there will be a crowd, and it is rather time consuming.

When I first opened a brick and mortar location, I had my products inside my space. But only my clients could see it.

NOW I have moved everything in the lobby. So even if I am with a client, Niki at the front desk can still help you.

There are cute boxes and bags that can be used for easy transportation, or gift giving. Most products are available at the online shop as well, and can be shipped or picked up at the front desk at your leisure.

My products are all made by hand, by me, in the USA. They are all one of a kind and prices affordably.

Here is a live facebook video of my current products.

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