Goal Setting & The Cycles of Change

Goal Setting & The Cycles of Change

Are you ready to make a change? Break a habit?  Start a new routine?

Well, Maybe…This is no easy task, but can certainly be done when done mindfully and meticulously. The first part discusses Prochaska & DiClemente’s Cycle of Change using the example of quitting smoking. Doing the self inquiry to where you are in the Cycles of Change chart is infinitely helpful in working towards a goal.

The next part of the video discusses how to create SMART goals using the example of dieting. A broad goal of “I want to lose weight” is doomed from the start. Why? Because it is not specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, or time based. Here is an example of that same goal made more specific: Lose 20 lbs. in 10 weeks, at the rate of two lbs. per week, by eating X amount of calories, and walking 20 minutes 2x per week.

How does this apply to Yoga Therapy? When people walk in the door they want a change…or at least they thing they are… sometimes we discover that they are more in the contemplative stage then ready to make an actual change. This is quite useful and a necessary part of the process.

Example: “I want to improve my balance” Let’s tease this out.

What is the motivation behind this goal and how does it affect you in daily life? We find a way to create a base line, and how to improve it. It turns out that you can’t stand on one foot at all; and your goal is to have a foot lifted off the floor for one minute. Then comes the plan of care. But what will it look like in your daily life, will you practice every morning for 2 minutes, once a week for 10. If it’s not realistic, it won’t happen, and the plan is ineffective.

So you can see, whether creating a New Year’s resolution to stop biting your nails, or increasing your core strength with yoga asana the goal needs to be specific and realistic. But before all that, you have to be ready. There will be a time when the train goes off the tracks, but this does not mean you are starting back at square one. It is an upward spiral because you will learned from this mistake and use it to prepare and execute a more effective plan of attack. Click This Link to Watch the Live Facebook Video.

Goal Setting & The Cycle of Change

Goal Setting & The Cycles of Change

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