Getting to know the Breath

Getting to know the Breath

Almost every yoga or mediation session you do seems to include the words “Notice the Breath”.

Have you ever wondered, “What about it!?” This meditation will give this phase more depth.

My personal preference it to be laying down, but it can be practiced in any position.

The video is 16 minutes, but once you understand this phrase you will be able to do so in seconds.

Additionally, it is important that we understand our breath and how it relates to our state of being before we start asking it to change.

The breath tells a story that it always changing. When awareness drop into the breath, it shifts away from the the broken record of the thinking mind, and into a place of presence. this presence eventually evolves into stillness.



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  • Sue Mench

    I usually analyze everything. After practicing the Getting to Know the Breath meditation I will sleep better tonight. I had to drive my husband home from Baltimore after eye surgery a few days ago at Hopkins. So I have been a bit stressed since I hate driving in the city.
    Thanks again for a great practice!!!

    • River Warrior Yoga

      You are so welcome! I hope this gave your analytical mind something to do lol. Wonder what your breath was like while driving in the city…

      • Sue Mench

        I just finished the meditation on stress and anxiety. That was wonderful. Should have listened to that before my trip to Baltimore. Lol. You are the best Fletcher. I definitely need to incorporate one of your meditations into my daily life!! Thank you

        • River Warrior Yoga

          Music to my ears!!!

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