Practice: Full Moon Yoga (live)

Practice: Full Moon Yoga (live)

Full 60 Minute Class

From a yogic perspective the full moon is a time of abundance and is very auspicious. It is considered feminine, cooling, receptive, and meditative. It is a powerful time to let go of habit patterns that are no longer serving us well.

It contains fluid, arching, and circular movements. Just as the Moon controls the tides, it rules the mind. A time of heightened, and sometimes unstable emotions, lends itself perfectly to the grounding effects of mantra.

A Full Moon practice is of course beneficial around the full moon, and on ‘Moondays’ (Mondays), but can be practiced anytime we need to be centered. There are two different versions of a Moon Salutations included, which balance out the Type-A very linear world we live in today. 


For more information about the influences of the Moon or the Lunar Eclipse that inspired this practice, check out this blog post:  https://riverwarrioryoga.com/full-blood-moon-lunar-eclipse/



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