Developing Your Ideal Yoga Routine

There are definitely some things to consider when developing plans around your self care rituals. Two major things that need to be address are:

  • How will it fit into your current routine?
  • What are your needs?

First things First- Is there even time in your current routine, or are you going to have to make time? If your making time, how much are you willing to allocate (realistically)? This is HUGE. Without knowing this in advance it will be difficult to maintain any time of regularity….Although, you may need to try some different options to see what works best for you. What sounds like a perfect plan might not feel ideal when you go to try it out. 

Goal: Workout before Bed Scenario: Early riser who works long hours at a physically depending job, comes home eats dinner and unwinds. After dinner they are too full to ‘workout’ and too sleepy from the day, so they decide to just do it when they have better energy…Which rarely happens

Solutions: Perhaps the practice needs to be less physically demanding, or even restorative. A meditation might be nice…or you

Then comes the regularity. How many day’s per week is ideal? Perhaps you enjoy cross training and will be juggling yoga classes with other activities. 

Goal: an hour everyday (I’ve hear it a thousand times, and less then 10% achieve this)

Solutions: One full class per week, 20 mins three times per week, 10 minutes a day

Types of PracticeIn Person, Livestream and Videos

Are you the person that needs accountability and only shows up when you have a specific date and time, and in person is better? What a great thing to know about yourself! It will also save you $$ from those late night infomercials. No all you need to decide is which classes you want to attend

Can you self regulate home practice?

If the answer is sometimes, then maybe a livestream is a good practice for you. It gives you the structure of a date/time, still connect with the teacher, but wear your pajamas if you want.

Videos, ahhhh so many scenarios in which this gives us the freedom to dive deeper into our practice! Ideal for both people that both do, and do not want a set routine. They can be done virtually anywhere (pun intended!) As humans we have different moods, energy levels and needs. They are ever changing… so wouldn’t it be nice if your yoga classes could too? Or maybe you have an interest in a specific topic that you want to explore… From free social media videos, or online subscriptions, the world’s your oyster.

What if you want to make up your own?

I highly encourage getting to know your self on a deeper level. This cultivates a deeper sense of connection and authenticity. Making it up as you go along becomes highly intuitive and empowering.

You want to do it on you own, but need help creating a routine?

I would be honored and thrilled to help! Scheduling a Yoga Therapy appointment will help flush things out in an effective and effective manor.

Want More? Check out this interview with Pamela Crane of Interoceptive Performance on ‘Creating a Personal Practice’