• Yoga Nidra- Joy, Love and Gratitude (live)

    1 Lessons
    • Yoga Nidra- Joy, Love and Gratitude (live) - $12.97

    “Reflect upon your blessings, of which every man has plenty, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have had some.” -Charles Dickens This live class audio recording takes you on a journey through both your inner and outer worlds. 55mins

  • Yoga Nidra -Traditional

    1 Lessons
    • Yoga Nidra - $7.99

    Yoga Nidra is much like the guided relaxation you might experience at the end of a yoga class, but a richer, deeper and more fulfilling. This more traditional version is 25 minutes and includes a body scan, exploration of opposite emotions, and rapid imagery.

  • Detox & Digest

    11 Lessons
    • Detox & Digest - $18.00

    This yoga practice will improve digestion, elimination and detoxification.  It will also support mindful eating habits and lifestyle choices. There is one complete video that is 48 minutes. Then shorter segmented versions of it organized by postural position.

  • Meditation Medley

    13 Lessons
    • Meditation Medley - $27.00

    This introductory course offers a wide variety of techniques and pointers to help you discover the most effect way to meditate. Most meditations are around 10 minutes.