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Yoga Nidra is much like the guided relaxation you might experience at the end of a yoga class, but a richer, deeper and more fulfilling. This more traditional version is 25 minutes and includes a body scan, exploration of opposite emotions, and rapid imagery.


Yoga Nidra

Length: 25 minutes

Yoga Nidra is a relaxation technique developed by Richard Miller. It consciously takes a person through the different sheaths of their being; physical, energetic, and emotional connecting them to their inner wisdom and knowledge. It is very similar to guided relaxation one might find at the end of a yoga class, but a much deeper experience. 

It’s benefits include; enhanced sleep, emotional clarity and healing, and transformations of  one’s relationship to sensation and pain. It was originally developed as a strategy to combat PTSD. It supports neural plasticity to create healthy pathways for healing, while maintaining a relaxed awareness of both your inner and outer surroundings.