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“I Can’t Meditate” is one of the most common things I hear from new clients.

The most popular reasons being; “I can’t think of nothing,”I don’t have time”, “I don’t make time,” and “I don’t know how.”

This online course was developed specifically with these issues in mind.

That’s why so many of these meditations are 10 minutes or less. Once you get the hang of the technique, you can do it for 1 second, or all day. It’s all about training the mind. Here we are giving your brain something very purposeful to think about rather then it being a runaway train. The techniques are short,  simple and easy to apply.

For those of you that ‘never have time: Try meditating at red lights (don’t close your eyes!), when you are in the rest room, or when transitioning from one activity to another. You can also work it into activities that you are already doing like creating a spreadsheet, or hammering nails. You are probably meditating already and might not even know it. Any activity with a singular focus is a meditation. From mowing the lawn in a straight line to painting a picture. This means everything can become a meditation when you apply presence, concentration, and mindfulness. My favorite time to meditate is when I hit the snooze button in the morning, and in the bathtub at night.

Difficulty making it a routine? I recommend experimenting with different times of day to see what works the best for you. Some people prefer to meditate at the start of their day, other’s before bed. Sometimes it’s not at 5am everyday 365 days a year, maybe it’s a few times a week. The key is finding out what works the best for you. Having these recordings at your fingertips will facilitate this process.

The Process of Discovery.  Sometimes when exploring our inner self, there is a light shined on things we do  not care for, or want to change. Brining these things into the forefront of awareness allows us transform them. Making meditation a regular part of your routine will increase it’s effectiveness and improve outcomes. Here is more information about Goal Setting & Cycles of Change.

So you’ve tried it before, but it never stuck? Maybe you were’t ready…Or maybe you did learn some things about yourself that you can use as stepping stones during this course….Like maybe you just weren’t that committed? It’s ok!! That’s why a go at you own pace course is ideal. You can do when you feel like it, or make a structured routine. The most important thing is that you find the meditation that is to most effective for you. They all have the same end goal, just different ways of getting there.

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This introductory course offers a wide variety of techniques and pointers to help you discover the most effective way to meditate.

Program Features:

  • 12 Meditations & and an Educational Video
  • Types of Meditation: Sensory, Mindfulness, Breath,  Sounding, Mantra, Visualization
  • Total Time: 103 minutes

Benefits of this Meditation Program:

  • Improve Concentration, Time Management, and Efficiency
  • Reduce Worry, Anxiety, Stress
  • Cultivate Awareness & Presence
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Change Your Relationship to Pain & Suffering
  • Personal Transformation

The benefits are both immediate and long term.

Did you know that Meditation is one of the 8 Limbs of Yoga? It is an integral part on the path of reaching Samadhi.  The Sanskrit word for bliss, peace, fulfillment, and union. Samadhi is the ultimate goal of Yoga. When most people think yoga, they think postures. Postures were originally created to prepare the body and mind for meditation.

What Other’s Have Said: ‘Fletcher’s voice is very soothing and relaxing” “She is an inventive instructor always doing something different so we don’t get bored.” “Fletcher helped me discover what I really wanted for myself.”


Body Scan

Length: 10 minutes

If you like a guided relaxation at the end of your yoga class, you will most likely enjoy this 🙂

Sensory Awareness Meditation

Length: 10 minutes

Dropping into the senses is a very simple and effective way to bring the mind into the present moment and can be done anywhere anytime.

1-10 Breath Counting

Length: 3 minutes

You have probably heard  somebody say to an angry person, count to 10 before you say something you will regret…

This techniques gives you space to clear your thoughts. Paired with the breath it gives two things to hold your concentration.

Getting to Know the Breath

Length: 16 minutesComplexity: Easy

What does “Tuning into the Breath” even mean? Find out, then enjoy this practice instantly anytime, anywhere, without anyone knowing.

Bee Buzzing Breath

Length: 5 minutes

This fun techniques engages the parasympathetic nervous system by using sound to lengthen the exhale.

Fill in the Blank

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

Use a simple fill in the blank method to create your own meditation.

Vowel Sounds

Length: 8 minutes

We use vowels virtually every time we speak. This familiarity creates an easy path to meditate via sound.

Aum (OM)

Length: 5 minutes

Aum is a quintessential mantra, and is frequently used in yoga and meditation. It is an honoring and a coming home. The sacred sound of Aum encompasses all other sounds, and has rich symbolism.

So Hum

Length: 11 minutes

Create mental stillness with this breath based mantra.

Abundance Visualization

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

This abundance meditation is a visualization that connects you with your inner most desires. It transforms the things that are holding you back from unlocking your fullest potential.