Balance on Both Feet

Length: 8 minutes

Before we can balance well on one foot, we need to be able to balance on both feet. This 8 minutes standing sequence progressively builds from Mountain to strengthen balance.…

Standing Vinyasa using a Chair

Length: 4 minutes

Feel like you need to move? This very short standing practice offers support during standing postures, and allows the spine to get a more extension during forward folds. It is…

Stretch & Strengthen the Hips

Length: 5 minutes

This three pose sequence targets the inner and outer hips. The whole sequence is on the floor and only take 5 minutes. The abductors move the leg away from the…

Somatic Compass

Length: 11 minutes

This side laying practice get you out of your head and into your body. It is a great shoulder and hip opener, while working with rotation on the spine. The…

Full Moon Practice (live)

Length: 60 minutes

From a yogic perspective the full moon is a time of abundance and is very auspicious. It is considered feminine, cooling, receptive, and meditative. It is a powerful time to…

Moving into Balance

Length: 8 minutes

This standing sequence will strengthen the outer hips and core, and integral part in maintaining balance. Move into Tree Posture from Mountain, Goddess, and Warrior 1. Flow with the breath…

Fun With Feet

Length: 5 minutes

The feet are the furthest thing from the brain, and often the last thing on our mind. In this video we will work on building our interception. This internal awareness…

Hand & Wrist Mobility

Length: 6 minutes

So much of our time is spent gripping… Picking things up, driving, typing, eating and more. Even when at rest, often times the finger will be curled in. Try these…

Joint Mobility From Bed

Length: 7 minutes

Stiff in the mornings? Can’t, or don’t want to get on the floor? This video is a great way to start your day. It starts in the ankles and moves…

Cow Faced Pose: Chair Yoga (live)

Length: 23 minutes

This class’s purpose is to decrease stress and let go of tension held in the shoulder, arms, and face. It builds up to the upper portion of ‘Cow Faced Pose.’