Dry Brushing & Abhyanga

Exfoliate, move lymph, and protect the body’s biggest organ.

4 Self Care Techniques Your Probably Not Doing (But Should Be)

Our bodies have their own natural defenses, but need some support.

Here are four super effective Ayurvedic techniques.


Tongue Scraping

You wake up in the morning and one of the first things you do is brush your teeth, but are you doing any thing for the tongue? Get in the mirror and take a good look at it, their are lots of things that can be learned about our health from the mouth. Benefits of tongue scraping include: reduction of bad breath, toxic residue, bacteria, and stimulates digestion. It only takes a few seconds, an can be easily fit into your routine. It is said to improve mental clarity and reduce ama.

Nasal Irrigation

The neti pot is extremely useful is clearing the nasal passages. This is good in the case of not only sinus infections, dirt, dust and pollen removal, but also contributes to fresh breath, and improved sinus health. Nasal irrigation is said to help clear the cobwebs from the mind and promote clear thinking.  You will want to use purified water, and a measured amount of salt, or you might not be as happy with the result!

Dry Brushing

Ever watched a dog after it gets toweled off from a bath? It’s stimulated! Using a stiff bristle brush, make short rapid strokes from the extremities towards the heart center. Dry Brushing moves lymphatic fluid, and exfoliates dead skin particles. Try this little experiment- do it on one whole side of your body and see if it feels different fro the other side. I am willing to bet it feels more alive and awake. A similar effect can be felt using just your hand if you want to test the waters before shopping.

Skin Oiling

Abhyanga is a nurturing practice, and feels oh so luxurious. It’s just like putting lotion on after the shower, but using oil like coconut, almond, jojoba, or sesame. It is incredibly grounding, and provides a layer protection of protection between you and the outside world. Self massage is a great way to connect to your body, work out a few kinks, even improve sleep. My favorite time, is actually before getting into the bath/shower/sauna…and frankly it’s when my skin looks it’s best.


All of these techniques may seem foreign and unusual, but have a profound effect. ‘Saucha’, or cleanliness is part of one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. They will not only help to keep your physical body pure, but it will also have a noticeable difference in your overall well being. I encourage you to make one or all part of your routine.

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36 mins


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